Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perfect Boyfriend for me..

Someone who I can tell absolutely everything to without being called a drama queen…Someone who can relate to me, and with whom I can relate with…Someone who loves me for me. Even without the make-up and the embellishments…Someone I can get into bed with and not have to have sex with…Someone who I can cuddle with…Someone who plays with my hair…Someone who'll watch chick flicks with me…Someone who I can call my best friend. Not just my boyfriend...Someone sensitive and serious, yet playful and spontaneous… Someone who loves to laugh, and loves to make me laugh…Someone who can have an intellectual conversation with me, but still has his blonde moments…Someone who would lay under the stars with me and let me rest my head on their chest…Someone who uses those corny little lines on me… Just to show how cute he is.Someone who calls me "beautiful." And means it…Someone who tells me I'm beautiful, even on my worst days…Someone who thinks I'm perfect, even through all of my flaws…Someone who will kiss me on the forehead…Someone who can't stop telling me he loves me, not because he knows that's what I want to hear but because he loves to show me how dedicated to me he really is...
Someone that calls me just to say hey, because he cant stop thinking of me...Someone who doesn't have to change for me. Who can be perfect just the way he already is.

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